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Communicate with all your customers personally using Print Three Saint John Campaign-in-a-Box

It’s been proven that people are more likely to respond to advertising that connects with them on a personal level. Campaign-in-a-Box puts a fully customizable 1-to-1 marketing campaign at your fingertips, making connecting on a personal level a breeze. Print Three Saint John has the tools to help you build a unique campaign around your brand.

A typical targeted marketing campaign includes 2-4 components, though it varies depending on the personalized marketing strategies and needs of your business. All the items in your personalized marketing campaign can address customers based on their profession, the event, and even by name.

Campaign-in-a-Box Includes:

How Targeted Marketing Works

Choose a theme from our selection of pre-designed, cross-media templates and we’ll ensure that every one of your customers feels like you’re addressing them personally.

Our templates include both print and digital designs, that are tailored to suit a range of industries and events. Every template has space to include your company logo and customized copy to align with your company’s message. If you’re unable to locate an appropriate template among the selection we have available, feel free to commission a custom logo or template design that fits your business perfectly.

Once you’ve chosen a theme and selected which personalized promo components you want to include in your targeted marketing campaign, simply submit a database of relevant customer information, and we’ll create and distribute your personalized promo content.

It's as simple as that. Visit Print Three in Saint John at Brunswick Square, 39 King Street to discuss how your business could benefit from a personalized marketing campaign. Reach us at (506) 657-7820.

Learn how your company can use Print Three's campaign-in-a-box to create a personalized marketing campaign that targets your customers by name!
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